LKZ F Bassin des Yachts

LKZ F Bassin des Yachts


Map: Bassin des Yachts
Max. berth size (length x wide)17x8 m
Pier lit during the night
Hotel accommodation attached to marina0,5 km
Apartment accommodation attached to marina
Campsite accommodation attached to marina1 km
Motorhome site accommodation attached to marina0,5 km
Number of fresh water supply facilities80
Number of CEE sockets160
Amperage of fuse(s) protecting them(10A)
Fresh bread service on marina
Grocery store
Snack bar

ADAC marina classificationtop

Technical and serviceLimited
Catering, provisioning and leisureStandard

Rating of ADAC memberstop

This Marina has not been rated yet.

Facts & figurestop

Dogs allowed
Maximum permited length overall12 m
Distance between marina and next city/town0,5 km


46°9,39' N 1°9,13' W
Navigation lights
Max. water level changes4,5 m
Max. current (kn)3 kn
Approach from N on the fairway E of Île de Ré island, follow the leading lights on Pointe du Crouin in the N (Fl 5s 22-18M) and on NW hook of Île de Ré (FL(4) 15s 27M) for orientation at night; beware the shallow areas marked by cardinal buoys. Twin buoys (Fl(3)G 12s/fl(3)R 12s) before the NS bridge (vertical clearance some 30m), the bridge itself is lit by Iso 4s 12M. Then, head SSW passing the Plateau du Lavardin shoals marked by an isolated danger mark (Fl(2) 6s 7M). Yachts approaching from the S will pass the NW hook of the Île d’Oléron island (Fl 10s 28M) to pt, if you are unfamiliar with the area do not use the fairway running E of the island. Approaching from either N or S, turn onto a bearing of 059° (DIR Q+Fl 4s DAY 14M/Q+Fl 4s DAY 14M) and mind the W cardinal buoy E of Port des Minimes. Follow the channel marked by cylindrical buoys to pt until you reach the Vieux Port de la Rochelle (old harbour) before you enter through the dock gate to stb (cill 0.5m above LAT), bridge service hours HW -2/+0.5h.



* ADAC reference price
: Total rate per peak-season overnight stay at a marina. It includes the rate for a 10×3.3m boat, two adults incl. shower, electricity and fresh water.


LKZ F Bassin des Yachts


Harbour master:


Bassin des Yachts
Rue de l'Amide
La Rochelle
+33 5 46 52 14 56