LKZ F Bassin Morny

LKZ F Bassin Morny


Map: Bassin Morny
Max. berth size (length x wide)15x5 m
Crane/travel lift8 t
Pier lit during the night
Hotel accommodation attached to marina0,5 km
Campsite accommodation attached to marina2 km
Motorhome site accommodation attached to marina0,05 km
Number of fresh water supply facilities80
Number of CEE sockets160
Amperage of fuse(s) protecting them(5A)
Petrol station (Diesel)
Petrol station (Premium)
Fresh bread service on marina0,5 km
Kiosk0,05 km
Grocery store0,5 km
Supermarket0,5 km
Snack bar0,5 km
Restaurant0,05 km
Car parking
Trailer parking
Trailer parking fenced/gated

ADAC marina classificationtop

Technical and serviceSuperior
Catering, provisioning and leisureLimited

Rating of ADAC memberstop

This Marina has not been rated yet.

Facts & figurestop

Dogs allowed
Maximum permitted draught3 m
Maximum permited length overall15 m
Beautifully situated marina
Very quiet at least at night
Notice board with weather information
Distance between marina and next city/town0,05 km


49°22,46' N 0°4,07' E
Navigation lights
Max. water level changes8 m
Max. current (kn)2,5 kn
The white casino building E of harbour entrance is your landmark. At night, follow the leading lights on the E mole (Oc R 4s 12M/Oc R 4s 10M) on a bearing 148°. Approach harbour by entering estuary flanked by training walls jutting out far into the sea, submerged at times, marked by daymarks and lighted at their respective ends (Fl(4)WR 12s 7-4M/Fl WG 4s 9-6M); then steer SSE to marina, its dock gate is open 2 hours either side of HW. Harbour entrance dries up to 2.6m. Approach to harbour problematic in strong northerly winds. Watch out for the wreck marked by an E cardinal buoy some 2nm NE of approach channel and for the shallow zone marked by a W cardinal buoy some 3.3nm NE of approach channel.


Landside entrance to marina closed during the night.


Liegeplatz/Nacht 9.80 (unter 5 m) bis 71.- (23 m)
Stegliegeplatz/Jahr 621.- (unter 5 m) bis 4759.- (23 m)
* ADAC reference price
: Total rate per peak-season overnight stay at a marina. It includes the rate for a 10×3.3m boat, two adults incl. shower, electricity and fresh water.


Les Planches is the name of the boardwalk leading past Belle Époque villas and hotels. The Musée de Trouville displays paintings by Raoul Dufy and Kees van Dongen, caricatures by Honoré Daumier and posters by Paul Signac.

LKZ F Bassin Morny


Harbour master:


Bassin Morny
+33 2 31 98 50 40