LKZ ES Marina Lanzarote

LKZ ES Marina Lanzarote


Max. berth size (length x wide)80 m
Dry sailing
Boathouse (Winter storage) on marina premises
Additional space (Winter storage) on marina premis...
Crane/travel lift820 t
Pier lit during the night
Internet station
Number of fresh water supply facilities
Number of CEE sockets1
Amperage of fuse(s) protecting them(200A)
Sail maker
Engine service
Petrol station (Diesel)
Petrol station (Premium)
Petrol station (Gas)
Boat charter
Fresh bread service on marina
Grocery store
Snack bar
Hot-water shower
Handicapped-accessible washbasins
Washing machines
Tumble driers
Beach not nearby2 km
Bike rental
Car parking

Rating of ADAC memberstop

This Marina has not been rated yet.

Facts & figurestop

Dogs allowed
Maximum permitted draught5 m
/ Water level for max. draught (+/-)4 m
Maximum permited length overall80 m
Notice board with weather information
Gym / Swimming Pool.
Cine 6D.


28°57,75' N 13°32,38' W
Navigation lights
Max. water level changes3 m
Max. current (km/h)380 km/h
Marina Lanzarote is in Arrecife within the Puerto Naos harbour, situated along the length of the harbour breakwater and just south of the commercial port, Puerto los Mármoles. Around this area it is advisable to maintain a 0.5–mile distance from the shore to avoid the reef. Arriving from the north the first landmarks will be the brightly lit power station and DISA Gas towers (and the height of the multi-storey Gran Hotel to the south) before coming across the end of the commercial port, Puerto los Mármoles’ concrete breakwater (13º 31.6’W – 28º 57.8’) identified on the outside SE point as a green cylindrical tower (Fl.G.5s13m5M) and the inside SW point as green mast with light sequence: Fl.(2)G.7s6m1M. Once round the breakwater, make for the preferred channel mark (red & green post) on the very end of the container wharf Fl.(2+1)R.10s3M. Arriving from the south the same Gran Hotel will be visible from at least 3M. Passing the airport on the port side, stay clear of the special marks which mark a tanker discharge point. Puerto de Arrecife will come into view and has a south cardinal mark (Q(6)Fl.15s.10m5M) marking the end of the breakwater. An east cardinal mark (Q(3)10s) identifies the outer edge of the reef and then the port is clearly visible. Upon reaching the Puerto Naos breakwater the new cruise-liner terminal can be clearly seen at the easterly end of the Puerto Naos harbour wall and this may or may not show on plans as a recent addition. The new cruise-liner terminal is marked at the SW point with red cylindrical tower mark (Fl.R.5s6m3M) and at its NE point with another red cylindrical tower, flashing Fl.(2)R.7s6m3M. Visible at this point to port and on the shore is the Castillo de San José fort (lights at night emitting from the panoramic restaurant windows overlooking the harbour entry). The marina access channel into the harbour is clearly marked with channel buoys and it is important to REMAIN WITHIN THIS CHANNEL due to shallow water either side. The start of the channel is marked then with the port pillar buoy Fl.(3)R.9s and starboard mark: Fl.(4)G.11s. Following the channel into the harbour, the successive two buoys flash: Fl(4)R.11s. and Fl.G.5s.  The marina will now be clear with buildings and pontoons clearly visible to port. The fishing dock on the land side of the harbour where the fishing boats tie up to the wall is marked with green cylindrical tower with light sequence Fl.(3)G.9s.9m.1M. Current dredging operations are creating more depth in the entry channel, although for vessels requiring 4 metres or more draught at low water, it is advisable to transit through the centre of the channel.


Night supervision/CCTV surveillance.


* ADAC reference price
: Total rate per peak-season overnight stay at a marina. It includes the rate for a 10×3.3m boat, two adults incl. shower, electricity and fresh water.


LKZ ES Marina Lanzarote


Harbour master:

Harbour master’s staff speak German and English.


Marina Lanzarote
Av. Olof Palme
+34 9 28 66 32 63
Harbour master VHF09/16